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Last updated November 13, 2020

Our story…

One cold winter night in December 2018, I was sitting on the couch watching TV and surfing the internet when I saw an ad for the greatest rock guitarist of all time. Being a curious fan of rock music, I clicked the link and started reading about some great rock guitarists. Some I had seen in concert, so I had awesome memories of their shows. Other’s I never saw but wished I had. When I was done, I thought,” Where was Eddie Van Halen?” RIP I went back through the list to make sure, and he wasn’t there. How could anyone make a list of the greatest rock guitarist and not include Eddie Van Halen? I decided to vent my opinion in the comment section, but the website didn’t have one. I had no place to share my opinion. That’s when I started working on Equal Point of View. A place where people can anonymously share and compare their opinions with others.

Who are we?

I’m a hard-working single person that lives in beautiful Southern California. Other than that, it really doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter what your age is or your ethnicity. We don’t want to know your nationality, sexual preference, economic status, political view, or religious beliefs. All we care about is what unites us all, that we are human beings with an opinion. And we all need a place to share our opinions without being judged by anyone.

But because this is my site, and you might be curious, I’ll share a little more. I’m born and raised in Long Beach, California, and I’m pretty happy here. The only groups that I associate being a member of are human beings and proud Americans. I have a job, am divorced, and don’t have any children, but I might before this journey ends. I really like crunchy peanut butter, fudgesicles, popcorn, and bourbon. I drive a convertible car, watch too much TV, and love my mother.

I say I’m a proud American because I am. I never served in the military, but I have the utmost respect and gratitude for those that have and do. We have unprecedented freedom and opportunities in our country due to the sacrifices of many. My opinion is that too many political and media groups try to divide us as a nation because we are easier to control or lead in small groups. Equal Point of View is a place where everyone joins together as humans, primarily in the United States of America. Everyone in the United States of America has an opinion on most of our questions. I hope everyone and their friends come to Equal Point of View to share and compare your opinions on 100’s of conversation questions.

What do we do with your information?

NOTHING! We don’t track anything on our end except some cookies to reload pages. If you submit a question, we ask for a name to give credit for the question. If you contact us, we ask for an email so we can respond.

Nobody on our end knows your opinion; it is, after all, your opinion. Even when you share it on our website, we don’t keep track of anything.

Nobody on our end knows your name, your IP address, or what opinions you gave to what questions. To be clear, Google and Facebook know your IP address and when you go to our website. But that doesn’t matter because they already know everything about where you’ve been and what you’ve done. *This is not a factual legal statement; it’s just my opinion.

What’s the purpose of the site?

The primary goal of the site is to be entertaining. We also see the website as educational and interesting. We enjoy seeing the opinion of a random group of people. Everyone has an opinion, so come anonymously share yours on Equal Point of View.

We are not scientists, so the data on Equal Point of View is not a scientific poll. We like to think of ourselves in a different way. Imagine you are in an airport with 3,000 people. Nobody knows the demographics; we just know it’s 3,000 people from all walks of life going somewhere. Now ask them a question, does their polled response matter? That’s where we come in. With Equal Point of View, you are in a group of random people who change and grow every day. Our combined opinions matter as little or as much as you want them to.

We appreciate you sharing your opinion with us and the world on Equal Point of View.


Once you submit your answer, search for the question in the Search window and give a second opinion.
Before giving your opinion, share the question with your social media family through the links below the question. Ask your circle of like-minded people to visit the site and give their opinion.
No! While Equal Point of View won't target any specific groups, we may work with bloggers and influencers who do cater to specific audiences. What we can promise is to be fair and work with all sides of every demographic. At the end of the day, we are all human beings with an opinion.
The internet is full of lists. Every question we have has multiple websites with lists of responses. We combined multiple lists to get the base. Then we added our own opinions and some from the websites' comment sections where we got the lists. We're happy to say we are having a great response of people sharing new opinions that we add to the website daily.
The owner gives the first opinion on every question. Everyone else answers the questions once. After that, we don't answer any of the yes/no questions again. But we do sometimes feel the need to add a new opinion on a multiple-choice question. Individual opinions of the best song to start your day changes from day to day, so we still feel like we're giving new and honest opinions.
It's your opinion. Whatever you think of the question, that's what's right for you. It's your opinion, so you're entitled to think and feel whatever you want.
There is a contact link to a form at the bottom left of all web pages. This is the quickest way to contact us. You can also email us at
Equal Point of View