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In your opinion, what’s the best song that was stuck at #2?

Add Your Opinion;Waiting for a girl like you – foreigner;Add Your Opinion;work it – missy elliott;Add Your Opinion;material girl – madonna;Add Your Opinion;like a rolling stone – bob dylan;Add Your Opinion;crazy – gnarles barkley;Add Your Opinion;purple rain – prince;Add Your Opinion;dancing in the dark – bruce springsteen;Add Your Opinion;nothin’ but a ‘G’ thang – Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg;Add Your Opinion;you’re still the one – shinia twain;Add Your Opinion;bad romance – lady gaga;Add Your Opinion;be my baby – the ronettes;Add Your Opinion;i’m not in love – 10cc;Add Your Opinion;Rhythm Nation – janet jackson;Add Your Opinion;nobody does it better – carly simon;Add Your Opinion;my lovin’ (You’re never gonna get it) – en vogue;Add Your Opinion;99 luftballons – Nena;Add Your Opinion;Goodbye yellow brick road – elton john;Add Your Opinion;great balls of fire – jerry lee lewis;Add Your Opinion;Add Your Opinion;Add Your Opinion;bohemian rhapsody – queen;Add Your Opinion;gangnam style – Psy;Add Your Opinion;Y.M.C.A. – Village people;Add Your Opinion;open arms – journey;Add Your Opinion;Hurt so Good – John Mellancamp;Add Your Opinion;Fly like an Eagle – steve Miller band;Add Your Opinion;Start me Up – Rolling Stones;Add Your Opinion

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