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In your opinion, what’s worst pop song to get stuck in your head?

Add Your Opinion;call me maybe – carly rae jepsen;Add Your Opinion;everybody was kung fu fighting – carl douglas;Add Your Opinion;who let the dogs out – baha men;Add Your Opinion;take on me – a-ha;Add Your Opinion;you spin me round – dead or alive;Add Your Opinion;i’m gonna be (500 miles) – the proclaimers;Add Your Opinion;u can’t touch this – MC Hammer;Add Your Opinion;Tubthumping (I get knocked down) – chumbawamba;Add Your Opinion;YMCA – Village people;Add Your Opinion;MMMbop – Hansen;Add Your Opinion;my humps – black eyed peas;Add Your Opinion;hollaback girl – gwen stefani;Add Your Opinion;wannabe – spice girls;Add Your Opinion;club tropicana – wham;Add Your Opinion;baby – justine bieber;Add Your Opinion;barbie girl – aqua;Add Your Opinion;i will survive – gloria gaynor;Add Your Opinion

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