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In your opinion, who’s the best movie lawyer?

Atticus Finch – To Kill a Mockingbird – Gregory Peck;Vincent Gambini – My Cousin Vinny – Joe Pesci;Elle Woods – Legally Blonde – Reese Witherspoon;Mitch McDeere – The Firm – Tom Cruise;Joe Miller – Philadelphia – Denzel Washington;Arthur Kirkland – And Justice For All – Al Pacino;Jan Schlichtmann – A Civil Action – John Travolta;Fletcher Reede – Liar Liar – Jim Carrey;Kathryn Murphy – The Accused – Kelly McGillis;Mickey Haller – The Lincoln Lawyer – Matthew McConaughey;Martin Vail – Primal Fear – Richard Gere;Jake Brigance – A Time to Kill – Matthew McConaughey;Lieutenant Daniel Caffee – A Few Good Men – Tom Cruise;Bobby DeLaughter – Ghosts of Mississippi – Alec Baldwin;Eddie Dodd – True Believer – James Woods;Add Your Opinion;Add Your Opinion;Add Your Opinion

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